Entrepreneur & Enterprise Awards

Sky Creation’s exceeding performance is the product of one man’s spirit of entrepreneurship. Dr. Sky Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Sky Creation Asia has been the catalyst of change and a bold innovator, as he spearheads growth in a competitive industry. In recognition of his effort towards contributing to the small and medium-sized business backdrop in Singapore, Dr. Sky Tan was the recipient of numerous entrepreneurship awards such as Entrepreneur of the Year Award & Spirit of Enterprise Award etc.

Our Awards & Accolades

Singapore Most Award Winning & Professional Accredited Interior Design & Renovation Firm

Professional Accreditations

Sky Creation showcases exceptional business standards and services, as testified by a host of accreditations that has been attained throughout the years. It is amongst the first interior design and consultancy firm to be awarded the Singapore Quality Class (SQC), and the first integrated quality system firm in the related industry to be ISO and OHSAS certified for compliance to strict regulatory standards. In addition, it is among the first to achieve BCA Green Mark, Singapore Green Label and BizSafe Star certification.

Brands Awards

Sky Creation is vested in growing its brand be it at home or offshore. Since its inception, the business has earned numerous accolades – local and regional – including the highest brand accolade award in Singapore, Singapore Prestige Brand Award.

Industry Governance Accreditation

Sky Creation Asia has also gained accreditations from various industry governance bodies, including various local governments and associations. Its ability to provide reliable services with long term quality assurance for consumers had earned deeper trust from its partners.

Green Award

Sky Creation Asia is the first interior design firm in Singapore and quite possibly Asia to practice sustainable interior design in its work and have received the most amount of green certifications, awards and accolades. The company also prides itself by supporting various green initiatives in and around the region by sponsoring awards for sustainable practices.