Dr. Sky Tan K L, founder and CEO of Sky Creation Asia, had received accolades such as the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand, Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award, Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award, and the Singapore Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Not only is he adept in running a successful interior design business, he has managed to prove that branching into alternative routes had paid off. His peers had described him as a young entrepreneur with great potential and attributed his success to his humble beginnings. In a matter of a few years, he had led his young enterprise to become a recognised and established international brand and fulfilled his objective of expanding out of Singapore and planted his flags in Malaysia, Mainland China, Hong Kong and other regions in Asia.

Dr. Tan believed the first reason behind Sky Creation Asia’s rapid growth in the interior design and renovation industry within such a short period lies with the customers who entrust them with their projects. This trust and faith are the greatest motivation in their work. The second reason is its people and the internal support team. As every project is unique and challenging, the crew working on the projects will have to work independently and stay driven to complete every aspect of the projects that they undertake. With these as its main reasons, it provided the Company to grow from strength to strength spurring themselves forward to conquer the next pinnacle in the business. Dr. Tan is proud to have worked with his Sky Creation Asia colleagues, and he shares the achievements with all his colleagues who had continuously pushed the boundaries and set higher standards for the firm.

Dr. Tan and his team of excellent professionals has committed to provide the best in design, delivering quality products and the highest service standards to meet the ever rising expectations and requirements of its customers. With that in mind, Dr. Tan hopes that Sky Creation Asia would become a household brand in Asia, delivering the best services and products to its customers.